Power BI Training

Power BI Training

Build professional-quality business intelligence reports from the ground up. Design and implement the same B.I. tools used by professional analysts and data scientists. Blend and transform raw data into beautiful interactive dashboards

Pre-requisites :No experience required - this course will take you from beginner to paid professional

What You'll Learn

In this course, you'll be Learning the role of Lead Business Intelligence Analyst.

End of this your will be design and deliver a professional-quality, end-to-end business intelligence solution, armed only with Power BI

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Connect & Transform the Raw Data

Section 1

Intro to the Power BI Query Editor

Section 2

Types of Power BI Data Connectors

Section 3

Basic Table Transformations

Section 4

Index & Conditional Columns

Section 5

Grouping & Aggregating Data

Section 6

Pivoting & Unpivoting

Section 7

Modifying, Merging & Appending Queries

Section 8

Connecting to Folders

Section 9

Defining Hierarchies & Categories

Section 10

Query Editing & Power BI Best Practices

Build a Relational Data Model

Section 11

Intro to Database Normalisation

Section 12

Data ("Fact") Tables vs. Lookup ("Dimension") Tables

Section 13

Creating Power BI Table Relationships

Section 14

"Star" vs. "Snowflake" Schemas

Section 15

Active vs. Inactive Relationships

Section 16

Relationship Cardinality

Section 17

Connecting Multiple Data Tables

Section 18

Filtering & Cross-Filtering

Section 19

Hiding Fields from the Power BI Report View

Section 20

Data Modelling & Power BI best Practices

Add Calculated Fields with DAX

Section 21

Intro to Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Section 22

Calculated Columns vs. Measures

Section 23

Row Context vs. Filter Context in Power BI

Section 24

DAX Syntax & Operators

Section 25

Common Power BI Functions

Section 26

Basic Date & Time Formulas

Section 27

Logical & Conditional Statements

Section 28

Text, Math & Stats Functions

Section 29

Joining Data with RELATED

Section 30


Section 31


Section 32

Time Intelligence Formulas

Section 33

DAX & Power BI Best Practices

Design Interactive Power BI Reports

Section 34

Adding Basic Charts to Power BI Reports

Section 35

Formatting & Filtering Options

Section 36

Matrix Visuals

Section 37

Slicers & Timelines

Section 38

Cards & KPIs

Section 39

Power BI Map Visuals (Basic, Fill, ArcGIS)

Section 40

Logical & Conditional Statements

Section 41

Tree-maps, Lines, Areas & Gauges

Section 42

Editing Report interactions

Section 43

Adding Drill-through Filters

Section 44

Linking to Report Bookmarks

Section 45

Using "What-If" Parameters

Section 46

Managing & Viewing Roles

Section 47

PREVIEW: Publishing to Power BI Service

Section 48

Power BI Data Viz Best Practices

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