SQL Server Training

MS SQL Server Training

 Pre-requisites : No experienced required

What You'll Learn

Covers fundamentals like primary key, foreign key , referential integrity , constraints , normalisation ( first , second and third normal forms), Denormalisation, OLTP , OLAP, StarSchema and SnowFlake design.

Writing DML and DDL query like inner join,left join,right join, outer join, union , co-related queries, union all, alias,case statements,cartesian,ISNULL, aggregate( sum/count),wild card , top, order by, create , insert, bulk insert , update , backup , restore,ISNULL,Coalesce,Row_Number, Partition, Rank ,DenseRank , Pivot and Unpivot.

IT has 21 sessions which covers the below syllabus

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Section 1

Basic Fundamentals Database, Tables, rows and columns.

Section 2

Primary key, foreign key, referential integrity and constraints

Section 3

Database Normalization (1st, 2nd and 3rd normal forms).

Section 4

SQL basics(Select, Insert, Update and Delete)

Section 5

IDDL (Data definition language) Queries.

Section 6

Transactions, Locks and Isolation level in SQL Server.

Section 7

ISNULL and Coalesce functions.

Section 8

Row_Number, Partition, Rank and DenseRank

Section 9

Triggers, inserted and deleted tables

Section 10

Instead of and after triggers.

Section 11

Denormalization, OLTP and OLAP.

Section 12

Understanding Star schema and Snow flake design.

Section 13

SQL Server 8 kb pages.

Section 14

Index and performances

Section 15

Page Split and indexes

Section 16

Clustered vs non-clustered

Section 17

Stored procedures and their importance.

Section 18

Change Data Capture.

Section 19

Explain Columnstore Indexes?

Section 20

SQL Server agent

Section 21

How can we implement Pivot & Unpivot in SQL Server?

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