Microsoft Azure Training Course

AZURE Training

This course provides the underlying knowledge required by all individuals who will be evaluating Microsoft Azure, whether they are administrators, developers, or database administrators.

What You'll Learn

This course will introduce students to the principles of cloud computing.

Students will become familiar with how these principles have been implemented in Microsoft Azure.

In addition, this course will explain how to implement the core Azure infrastructure, consisting of virtual networks and storage.

With this foundation, students will learn how to create the most common Azure services, including Azure Virtual Machines, Web Apps, and Azure SQL Database.

The course will conclude by describing features of Azure AD and methods of integrating it with on-premises Active Directory. - Describe cloud computing, Azure, and Azure subscriptions.
- Use Azure PowerShell, the Azure Software Development Kit (SDK), and the Azure command-line interface (CLI) to manage Azure subscriptions.
- Create and configure virtual machines in Azure, and manage their disks.
- Create, configure, and monitor web apps in Azure and deploy Azure platform as a service (PaaS) cloud services.
- Create and configure Azure virtual networks.
- Create, manage, and configure cloud storage in Azure.
- Use Azure SQL Database to create, configure, and manage SQL databases.
- Create and manage Azure AD.

Sections which will be covered.

Course OverView

Section 1

What is Cloud Computing? What is Azure? Managing Azure | Subscription Management

Section 2

Azure Management Tools-What is Azure PowerShell?|Azure SDK and Azure CLI

Section 3

VM in Azure-Creating and Configuring Azure VMs|Configuring Azure VM Storage

Section 4

Azure Web Apps-Creating and Configuring Azure web Apps|Deploying and Monitoring Azure Web App

Section 5

Implementing Azure Networking - Getting Started with Azure networking.

Section 6

Implementing Azure Networking - Getting Started with Load Balancer

Section 7

Storage and Data Services - Understanding Azure Storage options | Creating and Managing Storage

Section 8

Storage and Data Services - Understanding options for relational database deployments

Section 9

Storage and Data Services - Creating and connecting to Azure SQL Databases

Section 10

Containers and Server-less Computing - implementing Windows and Linux Containers

Section 11

Containers and Server-less Computing - Azure Server-less Computing

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